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Ke'ren Fromayan


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Favorite Quote:

"A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself." - Maya Angelou -

Why did you become a life coach?

To help people repair the pieces of their broken heart, and to be the mother, sister, friend, or mentor to them that I needed when I was going through some of the most difficult times in my life.


Age range:



What do you do for self-care?

Self-care has been one of the key elements to my transformation. I have found that when I take care of my needs, I have the capacity to take care of others. My self-care:

  • Journal

  • Connect with those closest to me

  • Workout / take walks / dance

  • Stay consistent with my morning and evening routine

  • Read / research / explore topics I'm interested in

  • Pray and meditate

  • Take my vitamins and supplements

  • Listen to music

College Area of Study:

  • Business

  • Psychology



  • Personal Development Life Coach | Empowerment Coach Academy

  • NLP Master Practitioner | The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology


Life took me on a journey that ultimately pulled me towards my purpose. In 2015 when I moved from California to Texas, I had no idea what a life coaching was. I knew that I wanted to give back in a way to help those that were hurting, suffering, and just simply trying to find their way in life...those that are where I once was.


All that I endured from my earlier years to adulthood set the stage for who I am, how I live my life, and what I do today. Although I had a loving and nurturing childhood and a two-parent home until I was 16 years old, did not exempt me from the traumatic events I went through. These experiences left me voiceless, without identity, stolen innocents, a lack of self-confidence, low self-worth, unresolved emotional distress, suffering through severe depression, and panic attacks that sent me to the ER.


I discovered, became certified, and started my life coaching career at a well-known mental health and wellness company located Frisco, TX, Inside Fitness Counseling and Life Coaching. I was mentored by one of the greatest Licensed Counselors, Honour Sithole, MA, LPC-S who taught me the fundamentals of understanding human behavior and the importance of developing one's emotional language. I continue to establish these elements within my life coaching practice. 

I initially partnered with Inside Fitness Counseling and Life Coaching as a business consultant to help Mr. Sithole scale his practice. Over the past 20 years I spent as an entrepreneur previously owning a bakery and a marketing and PR company, as well as serving in corporate business roles as a high-level executive and C-Suite level executive. I ventured out of corporate roles and into consulting within the biotech and healthcare space where I gained invaluable knowledge that prepared me for my future as an effective life coach. 

The knowledge gained from working with some of the top biotech companies and prominent physicians in Silicon Valley and throughout the Bay Area in Northern California, provided me insights regarding the onset and progression of disease, and the correlation to overall human wellness and the impact on mental health.

My life came full circle once I started consulting for mental health and wellness businesses combined with my tenure in the healthcare and biotech industries. I developed this innate passion for and had become so aware of the state of my own wellness and mental health. This awareness led me on a journey to true self-transformation both internally and externally. I came alive and began to attract the things and life that I desired at my core. I became a better parent, a confident, strong woman, mentally and emotionally stable, focused on my health, fell deeply in love with myself, and met my life partner.

Today, I enjoy being in my own skin, being a full-time entrepreneur, travel often, and love spending time with my family. 

I am Ke'ren, a woman displaying the full essence of her feminine being, and it's a pleasure to meet you where you are so that I can assist you to where you're going.

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