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About Us


Grow. Break Free. Thrive!

Life is too short to be unhappy, overwhelmed, stuck, and unfulfilled! In an effort to support our you, Flourish In Color has developed a model that is both belief-based and behavior-based. We foster an oasis for you to pause, reflect, and tune in to your own greatness so that you can regroup and prepare for your next leap forward.

The essence of our work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life, so that you can overcome them with confidence.


We will guide you through the process of removing subconscious blocks that are contaminated by fears, faulty belief systems, and limitations as a result of your past experiences impacting who you are how you are now. Together, we will engage in effective techniques to address and heal the issues that are causing you emotional distress, anxiety, stress, and feelings of depression caused by living an unfulfilled life.


We specialize in creating personalized experience, providing tools, and evidence-backed methods to guide you along your journey.

Our Philosophy

To flourish means to grow in a healthy or vigorous way, and to develop rapidly and successfully. "In Color" means to live out loud by creating your own lane, living unapologetically by staying true to who you are, and showing up for you, as you, in the world to let the unique dynamics of your colorful-self shine.


We believe in creating a safe environment that cultivates healing. Because, healing the heart, frees the mind, and changes the body so the spirit can thrive. Only then, are we able to ignite the soul to experience freedom, joy, peace, and reach new levels in life that seemed impossible alone.

As a coaching business, we instill practical psychology, a combination of clinical and real-world wisdom to yield successful results. When patterns are broken, the story is re-written, and awakening happens, that's when your new self emerges.


Flourish In Color concentrates on the alignment of the whole person which includes 5 human aspects: Spiritual, Behavioral, Mental, Physical, and Emotional. We will establish an ongoing coach-client relationship to produce extraordinary outcomes to ultimately enhance the quality of your life.

We believe in what we do. We believe in you.

  • Create a vision.
    Clients will begin to see what’s possible beyond their own expectations, beyond their own reality, and their understanding of their current circumstances. We help our clients remove their blinders, begin to see what was once invisible, and be open to what is possible, dream bigger, and become clear on the vision they want for their life.
  • Change how you show up in the world.
    What are the habits that are holding you back from showing up for you, as your authentic self in the world? We operate from a limited reality based on the view we have of the world, ourselves, and others. We do things as a function of habits in a particular flow because we’ve always done things in such a manner. Those habits have gotten you to where you are. But when you want to go further in your life, achieve or do something that you haven’t before, breaking patterns would be impossible by keeping the same habits. We help you transform disempoweing habits that are holding you back, and instill habits that are empowering and will excel you.
  • Get to healing.
    Whatever is happening to you or that is troubling, challenging, psychologically, or emotionally to get through in life, we guide you through deep work not to just cope, but heal the conflict of your heart.
  • Holds you accountable so you can reach your goals.
    Most of us shy away from accountability because it is rooted in a deeper issue within ourselves, and that is trust. We fail ourselves often due to lack of consistency, discipline, and self-care, therefore finding it difficult with keeping committments to ourselves. We help you identify that next version of you that you need to work towards and hold you accountable in your journey. We will check in with you, provide the support and tools to help you get and stay on track, and set clear expectations to help you reach your highest potential and achieve your toughest goals.
  • Gain clarity and learn how to focused.
    Clarity and focus is often what we miss in life. There so much data and information that’s coming at us and very often our vision can get blurry and we experience overwhelm. We could be chasing one goal, but something else attracts our attention. Our mission is to help you identify and understand what it is that you really want, and ultimately find that path that is true and honest to you.
  • Develop a new mindset and identity.
    We have exciting and innovative ways to help our clients change their mindset and identify who they are at their core. As we progress from childhood to adulthood we have life experiences that alter our state of mind that coupld potentially introduce us to patterns and behaviors that keeps us "safe". In addition, we forget who we truly are and can live with an internal conflict with ourselves to either stay the way we are or hone in on our true identity. We conform to those who are closet to us and who the world wants us to be while losing our true selves. We start to believe that someone else has a better understanding of who we are. We help our clients redefine and/or refine your true identity to be the highest and best version of themselves.
  • Take massive action to get to where you want to be faster.
    Working with a coach will help you get unstuck and uncover the core reason(s) of your procrastination. We help you develop motivation and understanding that by taking action you will create desired results, and when you get results you build more confidence. You will set goals that will stretch you, but not overwhelm you; goals that are exciting and powerful to get you from where you are to where you want to be faster.
  • Develop heightened awareness.
    Hone in on the awareness of who you are right now, and where you are right now, discover where you want to be, and who you want to be. Client will also begin to draw awareness of how they ended up where they are and developed the patterns and behaviors that they have now. This self-discovery journey will encompass a transformed mindset, and new, more healthy behaviors to edge closer to all they desire in life.
  • Can a Life Coach treat mental health disorders?
    No. Your Life Coach is not a licensed mental health professional and unable to diagnose or treat any mental health disorders. If you believe you have a mental health issue, you should contact a medical professional or mental health counselor.
  • Is Life Coaching covered by my healthcare insurance?
    Unfortuanately, life coaching sessions may not be covered by your healthcare insurence. We are unable to bill your session to your insurance provider.
  • How long should I work with a Life Coach and what is the frequency of sessions?
    For new clients or exsisting clients with a new issue/goals, we highly recommend working with a coach weekly for 3 months minimum. Being consistent helps clients stay motivated, focused, and clients get results quicker. Client and coach can determine when it's necessary to move to bi-weekly or monthly sessions based on progress.

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