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What We Offer

Life & Wellness Coaching


Life & Wellness Coaching

We focus on 5 core human aspects: 

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

  • Behavioral

  • Physical

as we journey through your most pressing life and wellness issues.

We organically combine Life and Wellness coaching because to be well is to thrive in life.

Alternatively, we take a unique approach to helping our clients attain their desired results by tailoring a combination of our methods, strategies, and activities to the needs of our client.

Mood Regulation for Women

We heavily focus on women, because we believe that women are the backbone of society and the matriarch for their families.

If it's difficult to cope with life day-to-day without feeling anxious, experiencing various emotions, or on a rollercoaster of highs and lows there may be an internal imbalance. These imbalances can be caused by hormones, birth control, unresolved wounds, lack of macro and micro nutrients, or just an unfulfilled life. 

Stabilizing our moods is an essential step to living a high quality and vibrant life. Together we will take inventory of your daily life, stressors, and nutrition to get to the root cause. This focus is an organic segue through life and wellness coaching because it impacts how we approach life and whether or not we achieve our goals.


Women's Mood Regulation

Certification & Mentoring


Professional Coach Certification & Mentoring

Our certification program will equip new and seasoned coaches become more skilled in their profession. Our robust course will take you through an effective coaching framework to give your clients the results they've been waiting for. 

As you move through stages of our course, you will organically begin to build your coaching business, identify your niche, your messaging, and who you are as a coach. 

At the end of the course you have the option to continue mentoring with me, and will be provided lifetime access to my coaching vault with all of the tools, forms,  activities, and resources that I use in my business in a re-brandable format.

Our Flourish Coach Academy will be opening soon! For dates and to learn more about our certification program, sign up for our newsletter.

Life Coaching for Teens

Today's teen may experience a myriad of challenges and are likely to communicate their emotions through their behavior. Together with parents support, I work with teens in areas that are pertinent to their personal growth and developing emotional intelligence. During our time together, we may cover issues surrounding:

  • self-esteem,

  • body image,

  • dealing with peer pressure,

  • emotional wellness,

  • self-awareness,

  • goal setting, and

  • healthy self-expression

  • anxiety (general and social)

We strive to foster collaborative conversations with your teen to help move them through presenting struggles. During our sessions, we will "check-in" with your teen to elicit dialogue to help develop their emotional language, we use techniques that encompasses subconscious introspection to further positive growth and life skills during and in between sessions. We look forward to partnering with you and your teen.


Teen Life Coaching

Our Methods


Release Writing

Cognitive Distortions Work

Neurolinguistic Programming

Inner Child Work



Emotional Freedom Technique

Visualization Techniques



Positive Psychology

Inspirational Momentum Sessions

Spiritual Coaching

Faith-based Coaching

Events Coming Soon!

Master Classes

Flourish In Color will be announcing dates for upcoming life coaching master classes. We will be launching a Life Mastery Course, Design Your Life Blueprint, and Inner Child Healing.

Group Life Coaching

We will be offering a 3 month group life coaching program. Only 2 will be offered per year. Space is limited and is expected to sell out.

2023 Goal Mastery


Goal Mastery will be the best goal setting class you've ever taken. Not only will you set powerful, intentional goals, but you will learn the secret to achieving your goals fast.

Having your life coaching expertise as a part of our youth program provided our classes a space where they could articulate their emotions freely, feel understood, and heard.

We look forward to your future participation in providing the youth and adults we serve many more experiences that connect to help their mental well-being.

Russell Lopez | Co-Founder

Let The Beat Build Foundation

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